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Turbo Games slots and games online for free or real money

About Turbo Games Turbo Games is a cutting-edge provider that offers innovative iGames. The company was founded in 2021, and since then, it has…

About Turbo Games

Turbo Games is a cutting-edge provider that offers innovative iGames. The company was founded in 2021, and since then, it has aggressively advanced toward more remarkable outcomes. This provider creates contemporary games that stand out from the standard casino material with the younger demographic in mind. The cool and rebellious atmosphere that Turbo Games brings to the table indicates that it is determined to leave its mark on the industry.

All of the games produced by the firm are of excellent quality and gameplay. All games feature flawless graphics and audio and have a few simple rules.

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Number of Slots

As of now, Turbo Games only offers two slot games, but it is planning to add more in the future.


Along with offering different bonus levels within the games, casinos that have collaborated with Turbo Games also provide the best bonuses and promo offers for new and returning customers, making them even more alluring to players. These bonuses can be in the form of welcome and deposit bonuses, cashback, or free spins.

Latest Releases

As a reputable provider, Turbo Games keeps releasing games that are appropriate for all players. We are about to give you a thorough description of the latest and most interesting titles in the list below.

Fruit Towers

Fruit Towers is a distinctive ladder game in which you pick a barrel and deposit your bet. Either a fruit or a skull coin will be revealed when the barrel pops. You will climb the ladder and have your multiplier grow if you score a fruit. You will lose the game if you roll a skull coin. During the game, you have the option of cashing out whenever you choose.

Turbo Plinko

Turbo Plinko is a game that wonderfully embodies the adage “less is more.” As one of the most popular turbo casino games online, its straightforward and quick-paced action provides players with an enjoyable and exciting experience. You have a good chance of winning huge prizes in this skill game, which has an RTP of 97%.


Unquestionably, the casino game Towers by Turbo Games is a work of iGaming art. Your goal in this five-level, one-player game is to uncover safe blocks—or, more accurately, to avoid hitting the X. There is nothing complex about the game because it is a classic with a clear design and known mechanics. As a result of its 97% RTP, it offers decent long-term rewards.

Turbo Games slots and games online for free or real money

Gamers’ Ratings

Every player can inspect and confirm the fairness of the game they’re playing at any time, thanks to the company’s incorporation of the Provably Fair system. That is one of the main distinctions between Turbo Games and its rivals. Therefore, gamers have rated the provider 4.1/5.

The Most Popular Slots

The following are the two most popular slots currently available from the provider.

Crash X

Crash X entirely throws out the traditional video slot format and replaces it with a brand-new way to play the game. When the round begins, the spaceship blasts off into the void, carrying a win multiplier that steadily increases. It is up to you to decide when you should pay out as the multiplier continues to increase. If you wait too long, there is a chance that the ship will explode, but if you tap out too early, you will only get a modest win. 

It is entirely up to you to decide when to pull the trigger. This game is played with multiple players at the same time.

Crash X Football Edition

New and improved, Crash X Football Edition is sure to get gamers all over the world excited. The new edition’s visual style differs from that of the original game. Everybody can experience the thrill of being on a genuine football pitch for the first time, complete with a soaring ball that’s not aiming for the goal but rather the maximum multiplier. Every player has access to all ranks, including Bronze, Silver, Gold, Elite, and Legend.

Other Games and Categories

Turbo Games has a ton of different games, but here are some of the most popular ones:


This casino game is comparable to the original Windows version of Minesweeper, which practically everyone has played. Many uncovered tiles are distributed to the players; you can find both bombs and diamonds in some of them.

The concept is to identify the diamonds while avoiding bombs. Each diamond increases your existing reward, but you always have the option of quitting the game and keeping your current winnings.


With this game, Turbo Games got creative and made a casino title with a unique theme and appearance. The user has complete control and must choose whether they want the hamster to dig in one of four or three blocks. While radioactive blocks end your game, the safe block awards prizes.

Dice Twice

It’s just you against the odds in this single-player game with a 97.50% RTP. You choose the size of the win percentage after placing your wager. If the win percentage is lower, the potential payout may be much more alluring. You may quickly determine the winning odds by using a simple, two-color pie.

Mobile Versions & App

Fortunately, no matter what gadget you use, you can play any product by Turbo Games online. All platforms, including your PC, tablet, and smartphone, support them. Both iOS and Android devices are compatible with their casino games.


An algorithm called Provably Fair is used in online gambling games to guarantee fairness. It is made possible via cryptographic hashing and is based on open-source blockchain technology. Anyone can confirm that the games are fair and unrigged because they use an open-source blockchain. Turbo Games are developed using this algorithm.


Currently, Turbo Games is a name that is relatively new to the iGaming industry. Nevertheless, it is on track to win numerous awards because of its Provably Fair algorithm and commitment to each product.