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The game for money mode opens after registration and authorization in the personal account of the club. The entrance to the ZAZA casino can be done through a mobile phone or in the classic way using the linked email address.

Login to ZAZA casino via PC browser

First you need to find an authorization form. Both in the standard and in the adaptive version of the site, this block is located in the header of the page. There are two fields in which you need to enter a username and password.

Another authorization option is to link an account from a social network. This is done as follows:

  • In the ZAZA Casino login window, the visitor selects their preferred social network. The ZAZA operator accepts applications from users of Redit, Facebook, Bing and Google services. A bunch of accounts is not displayed in any way in the social network feed. Friends and casual visitors of the page will not know that the user is fond of slot machines and visits ZAZA.
  • After clicking on the icon, the player is redirected to the social network site. Here you need to perform one action, allow access to personal data. The club administration guarantees that personal correspondence, photos and other contacts of the user will not fall into third parties.
  • The user is automatically directed to the site of the institution, where he is already in his personal account. All that remains to be done is to deposit funds and play them on slots, roulette or live dealer games.

How to enter ZAZA from your phone?

Owners of mobile devices can act in a similar way and log in through the official website or mirror. Copy sites completely repeat the adaptive layout and open in a simplified version. The login block is still at the top of the main page.

It is not necessary to play ZAZA through a browser. In many ways, this is inconvenient due to the fact that the standard web browsers of iPhone and Android devices crash due to “heavy” slot machines. The program does not fully display the interface that crawls out of the screen.

As an alternative, the ZAZA administration offers to download individual applications. Authorization in the client program is carried out once:

  • Visitors install the program and set user preferences. This applies to the notification system, audio accompaniment and graphics.
  • To get into your personal account, you need to enter your login and password or, again, log in through Redit or Facebook. The data specified during registration is entered once.
  • After that, the client program remembers the information about the user and automatically saves it on the server. Subsequently, to continue the game, you need to click on the application icon on the smartphone desktop.

The entrance to ZAZA is closed: what to do

Blocking the official site misleads players. The gambler tries to find a mirror, but ends up on fake platforms. Players are invited to register and verify their data again.

You won’t have to create a new account on the original ZAZA mirror. Re-registration is completely prohibited by the rules of the online institution. Therefore, if you are unable to pass authorization the second and third time, it is better to write to the support service and request links to the working site.

The reason for login problems may be the wrong combination of password and login. To avoid this, the administration recommends immediately registering via mobile phone. In this case, you can enter by phone number and by a special SMS code, which will come in a couple of seconds after sending the request.

The phone will also be needed if the gambler has forgotten the password. This is a simple and quick way to restore access to your account without being blacklisted by online casinos.