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AGT Software slots and games online for free or real money

AGT is a company based in Latvia that creates games for online casinos. AGT offers a variety of gaming products: slots, the crash game…

AGT is a company based in Latvia that creates games for online casinos.

AGT offers a variety of gaming products: slots, the crash game ToTheMoon, poker, and keno.

The company claims that it focuses on two main aspects: the gambling experience and trustworthy partnerships.

One of the most impressive things about AGT is its approach to the iGaming industry. They have developed several amazing products—including slots inspired by the paintings of Gaugin, Hokusai, and Renoir.

Besides common themes like fruits, Egypt, or jewels, you can find some less common ones: the Crown TV series, STALKER, or Tesla.

Also, the company is reaching out to different markets by localizing its products in various languages, such as Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, Korean, Filipino, Vietnamese, Thai, and Portuguese.

AGT Software slots and games online for free or real money

Number of Slots

AGT reached 100 games in April 2023, and slots are a major part of them—there are around 90 of them. You can explore the full portfolio on the developer’s website.

The slot layouts are categorized by types. There is a type called classic configuration—3×3, 3×5 layout, as well as other types of configurations—4×6, 4×5, 3×6, and even 3×2.

You can play any slot in demo mode on the AGT website for free.


AGT has a unique incentive system:

  • Daily spins. This is where AI comes into play. Each player receives their free spins based on their behavior (provided eight hours have passed since the last activity).
  • Lucky spins. Starting from Monday, a player can get Lucky Spins. These are free on Mondays, but for the rest of the week, the player has to wager three times the lucky spins they got the previous day.

Also, AGT has free games within its slots.

Latest Releases

AGT is constantly adding new games to its library or updating the existing ones. Here’s a list of recent game additions:

Paul Gauguin

The game was released on the 11th of July, 2023, and it continues the theme of famous artists (Munch, Klimt, Rembrandt, Hokusai, and Rubins). The main goal is to catch the whole painting or a significant part of it. For this reason, it doesn’t even feel like a slot game—it’s more like a class in art school.

Fruit Queen

This colorful slot with great fruit graphics was added to the AGT website on the 27th of June, 2023. The fruit design is superb—it looks bright and juicy. AGT states that the game was designed for mobile devices.


AGT’s cosmic version was released on the 25th of May, 2023. The game design shows a bunch of unknown creatures that invade your screen. You will have a chance to multiply your winnings if you guess all the cards in a side game.

Gamers’ Ratings

On average, gamers give AGT 4.5 out of 5—based on the graphics, music, payouts, and in-game bonuses. Many players enjoy the unusual gaming concepts and sounds.

However, the negative sides are that there are no live dealer games, and there’s a lack of information about software volatility levels and RTP rates.

Five Most Popular Slots

AGT produces a list of its top games. It includes eight positions, but we will discuss five here:

Fruit Queen

This title was already mentioned in the New Releases category, and it made it to the top of the list. This is a game with a 5 × 6 layout where colorful fruits are spinning to the sounds of relaxing music. Here you will find a progressive jackpot and bonus game.

Extra Spin II

The game depicts various fruits moving in a 5×4 layout with 40 pay lines. You will earn free spins—and the slot machine makes generous payouts. The game came out in 2022 but still holds good positions in the AGT rating.


The all-time favorite Jewels variation is another trending AGT slot. It has a 5×8 layout and 28 pay іlines. The design is realistic—it’s not just symbolic flat figures but beautifully-shaped minerals.

100 Hot Pepper

This is another fruit and vegetables slot machine with a simple design and 5×3 layout with 20 pay lines. Wild symbols will multiply your winnings, and burning flames are a sign of success.

Rembrandt van Rijn

The game will satisfy gamblers who enjoy art. AGT took three paintings by Rembrandt and put them into slot reels—so the game hardly feels like gambling at all. The paintings appear on a 3×2 layout, and a piece of classic-like music follows each spin. Also, you can place a bet inside the game.

Other Games

Compared to other software providers, AGT has a portfolio for every occasion.

For example, the crash game ToTheMoon can be played in different versions: the traditional aircraft mode, Father Christmas, and Cupid.

Other games include Keno and Poker, and arcade games, such as Rock, Paper, Scissors and Spinner.

Mobile Versions & App

The AGT games can be played through your browser—games are adapted to all types of devices. Some games are developed for smartphones in the first place.


Like many software providers, AGT uses HTML5 and JS technologies for its products. The game’s mathematics is based on random number generators, but you hardly ever see the RTP rate of any game—most of them are specified as N/A.


There isn’t much information about awards, but we know that AGT participated in ICE London 2022.

Also, AGT has received a certificate from GLI—an international company that tests online games.