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Aviatrix slots and games online for free or real money

About Aviatrix Aviatrix is an NFT-based project, and its main product is the casino crash game of the same name. It was launched in…

About Aviatrix

Aviatrix is an NFT-based project, and its main product is the casino crash game of the same name. It was launched in 2022—and became instantly popular among casino players.

Aviatrix is a brand-new way of gambling, and this type of game is called a crash game because of its plot. It’s usually a flying plane that has to crash sooner or later—and a player’s task is to cancel a bet before it happens.

The longer a plane is airborne, the greater the reward the player gets.

In different game variations, the reward will be NFTs, crypto, or e-money.

Such a gaming model is called Play to Earn.

For partners, Aviatrix can paint the aircraft in the brand’s colors and add the partner’s logo to the game.

Aviatrix has ambitious goals—such as partnering with more online casinos, building a marketplace and creating a metaverse with different games. The idea is that gamblers could use NFT planes and assets in other iGaming products.

Aviatrix's casino games

Number of Games

Aviatrix only has one crash game at the moment. However, players who use NFTs can make the game more fun. For them, there is a choice of planes. For example, Aviatrix offers options like SkyFlier, Milky, FireJet, and Lemonade—based on the level the player has reached.

And after that, the chosen aircraft can be further customized based on the player’s taste.


Crash games don’t have any wild symbols or free spins.

Instead, Aviatrix invites players to participate in a loyalty program. It is based on a gambler’s activity and the number of flights. The more flights are completed, the more chances there are to appear on the leaderboard and get the reward.

Also, for NFT users, a decent bonus is available—plane customization. In the future, Aviatrix will make it possible to buy and sell customized planes in its market.

Latest Releases

Aviatrix is the only game developed by this software provider, so the first and last release happened in 2022.

However, the game was last updated in 2023—on July 31.

The main improvements were made to the animation of the airplanes, Internet connection notifications, and the UI elements of the game.

The game continues to be updated, so don’t forget to check it out on the website.

Gamers’ Ratings

Gamers all over the world are fascinated by this type of gambling. Aviatrix (not to be confused with Aviator) earns good reviews for its graphics, customization options, fast bet multiplication, and medium volatility.

At the same time, there’s a risk of losing a bet as crash games are unpredictable (that’s why many seasoned players recommend taking a demo mode first). As a result, frustrated gamblers leave negative reviews.

The overall rating of Aviatrix is currently 4.4.

Strategy to Win

Aviatrix promises a reward of up to 10,000x the initial bet. There are also four betting options.

The cosmic multipliers may trigger some players—so it’s better to start with a few seconds of flight.

Most Aviatrix fans say the game principle is close to trading—and a player should set a limit, after which they withdraw their money. As the game type is defined as Play to Earn, players should learn all the possible risks.

The higher your plane is, the bigger the potential reward. Though it is a lucrative feature, crash gamers agree that it’s better to stop after you’ve got your desired sum and cash out.

Besides, the loyalty program is based on a player’s flight. Make them frequent yet short, and you’ll get additional payouts that are given to those who are on the leaderboard. These awards are given out daily.

Other Games

At the moment, Aviatrix doesn’t promote any games except Aviatrix itself. However, the studio states that it wants to redefine crash games, to make them less similar to each other—which could lead to new games in its portfolio.

With Aviatrix’s plans for creating a metaverse, it’s almost certain that new games will appear.

Mobile Versions & App

The game works perfectly on iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Multiple casino apps offer this game, so the interface and navigation are suitable for playing on the go.


Aviatrix uses a whole set of technologies. As Vladislav Artemyev, the studio’s CEO, states, they combine blockchain, NFT, and AI in one product to achieve fantastic results.

And traditionally, technologies such as HTML5 and JS are used for the crash game.

The RTP rate of Aviatrix is around 97%.


Though the studio has just entered the iGaming industry, it has already received a large number of awards.

The most notable are:

  • Binance Smart Chain event, where Aviatrix became Hackathon Winners.
  • Sigma Balkans & CIS awarded Aviatrix with the Unique Selling Point prize.
  • SPiCE India 2023 chose the studio for the Emerging Startup award.
  • At AIBC Eurasia, Americas Aviatix took two prizes: for NFT Community and NFT Project.

To add to this list, Aviatrix was chosen as a sponsor of the Sigma iGaming event in Limassol in 2023.