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3 Oaks slots and games online for free or real money

About 3 Oaks It’s no secret that 3 Oaks Gaming is making waves in the industry thanks to its quickly expanding library of titles….

About 3 Oaks

It’s no secret that 3 Oaks Gaming is making waves in the industry thanks to its quickly expanding library of titles. The company has dozens of games available; all of them are visually stunning and will hold your attention for hours. Even though the studio was just created in 2021, the firm has been growing rapidly, adding new games, new offices, and new partners.

Its leadership is composed of seasoned professionals in the same field, resulting in a collection of games that are both entertaining and challenging for players. That, plus the company’s forward-thinking policies, guarantees that you’ll be hearing the brand’s name for the foreseeable future.

3 Oaks Gaming's casino games

Number of Slots

3 Oaks Gaming provides excellent material, with a wide range of topics and vivid, attention-grabbing visuals. The distributor’s catalog currently features more than 50 vibrant games, and several more are in the works for imminent release. There will be something for every gamer, with various options boasting outstanding graphic quality and responsive gameplay. By fusing cutting-edge gaming mechanics with original art design, 3 Oaks Gaming’s games are sure to leave a lasting impression.


Because 3 Oaks games are featured in a plethora of casinos, no player has to worry about a dearth of bonuses. As you would expect, the slot games from 3 Oaks have a regular supply of free spins and bonus rounds, but that is not where it ends. When you sign up for a casino that features games produced by 3 Oaks, you are bound to find a welcome bonus, as well as deposit bonuses and other promotions. Go through the terms and conditions and figure out how they work before you enjoy them!

Latest Releases

The fact that 3 Oaks is known for producing good games does not mean that the team will rest on its laurels. They never stop coming up with fresh ideas and releasing brand-new titles. The following are a few of their most recent brand-new releases:

Name of GameRelease YearRTPVolatility
Eggs of Gold202295.71%High
Green Chilli202296.65%High

Gamers’ Ratings

Thanks to all the hard work, 3 Oaks has won over its player base. The games are featured in many casinos across the globe, and thousands of players play them regularly. And across this very wide population of gamers, they have a stellar reputation. 3 Oaks has a rating of 4 out of 5 stars on all the casinos that feature its titles, so you cannot go wrong by selecting from its roster of games.

Five Most Popular Slots

While it can be very difficult to pick five from such a good spread of games, we have narrowed down the offerings of 3 Oaks gaming studios to the most popular titles. If you want to get started with playing games from this studio, you won’t go wrong with these:

Candy Boom

Play Candy Boom, a slot game developed by 3 Oaks Gaming, to satisfy your craving for something sweet. Players are whisked away on a fun and rewarding voyage in this sugary paradise with mouthwatering visuals, exciting gameplay, and delectable bonus rounds.

Happy Fish

Plunge into 3 Oaks Gaming’s Happy Fish, an engaging slot game set in a colorful undersea universe. Swim with happy aquatic creatures as you search for riches and get swept up in the game’s vibrant marine scenery, exhilarating gameplay, and rewarding additional elements.

Sticky Piggy

Sticky Piggy is a slot game created by 3 Oaks Gaming that invites you into a world of whims. This swine-themed journey promises players a joyful, lighthearted experience full of thrilling prizes with its charming characters, compelling gameplay, and lucrative extra features.

Big Heist

This 53-reel and ten-payline slot machine became available in 2022. Safe symbols are scatters which provide free spins. With 3, 4, or 5 scatters, you’ll receive 10, 12, or 15 free games, during which you can amass a hefty haul of Money symbols. The more of the Collect and Super Collect symbols you get during free spins, the higher your chance of winning the progressive jackpot of 10x your wager.

Goddess of Egypt

The game’s 6×5-reel layout allows for pay-anywhere wins when at least eight of the same symbol appear, and as winning combinations collapse, they are replaced by fresh symbols that fall from above. After the cascade, the value of any flaming symbols from the Goddess of Egypt is multiplied by a factor of up to 500.

Other games

At present, games from 3 Oaks focus solely on online slots, so the company has nothing else to offer when it comes to table games or live games. However, seeing as how each of the slots has such high polish, it is probably a good thing that the developers don’t seem keen on stretching their resources too thin. By keeping their focus on online slots, 3 Oaks brings you the best possible slot games they can, and casino players everywhere are glad for that.

Mobile Versions & App

The games developed by 3 Oaks Gaming are optimized for mobile play from start to finish, with features like simple touch controls and clean layouts designed with touchscreen users in mind. The provider’s dedication to improving mobile gaming shows its flexibility and vision in the face of an increasingly competitive online slot market.


The provider’s commitment to innovation may be seen in the incorporation of cutting-edge technology like augmented reality and sophisticated animations into the gaming experience. By constantly pushing the boundaries of online slot design, 3 Oaks Gaming has established itself at the forefront of the industry.


Awards are the mark of excellence in every sector, and it is no different in iGaming. Gaming studios, when they get distinguished with various awards, display them proudly on their homepages. 3 Oaks Gaming, at this point, displays nothing of the sort. This is not surprising, given that they’re pretty much in the nascent stages of development. However, with the level of polish applied to every game coming out of their studio, it is only a matter of time before 3 Oaks becomes a major powerhouse in the world of iGaming.