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OnlyPlay slots and games online for free or real money

About OnlyPlay OnlyPlay entered the market back in 2007, but they only distributed third-party games back then. In addition to this, the company develops…

About OnlyPlay

OnlyPlay entered the market back in 2007, but they only distributed third-party games back then. In addition to this, the company develops and manages its own platform offering B2B solutions for the gaming industry.

This Lithuanian gaming firm has only recently begun focusing on making its own games, something it started to do in 2019. Instant-win games, online slots, and crash games are all created in-house.

Onlyplay Soft Gamings

Number of Slots

By 2020, casinos could market slot machines from this brand using their own logos. The developer has made huge traction in just over two years of offering this service. More than 30 different kinds of slot machines are available. Every one of the games provides something unique and exciting. With new annual releases, OnlyPlay can keep players hooked with fresh and engaging content.


The OnlyPlay platform includes numerous possibilities for rewards among the player base. Of course, the most common of these are the bonus rounds and welcome bonuses available by default. Some others would be:

  • Players can skip the lobby altogether by using the landing page and Separate tab to launch a game. OnlyPlay not only allows for original design creation but also provides ready-to-use templates.
  • Branding and exclusive games. All players can have a truly exceptional experience. By branding a game with unique logos, the operators gain an additional competitive edge and can pique the curiosity of potential customers.
  • The company is working on a system that will provide players with free spins and free bets. Different tools are implemented in different ways based on a wide range of game dynamics. Some games include a free-spins bonus round and a bonus-buy option.

Latest Releases

One thing about being the new kid on the block in the iGaming industry is that you have to be constantly pumping out new games. In this regard, OnlyPlay has been outdoing itself. Most recently, it has come out with Jungle Gold Megaways, which is so new that not many details are commonly available. However, it continues to be popular, so there’s that!

Gamers’ Ratings

Despite the fact that OnlyPlay doesn’t have a lot of games under its belt, it’s pretty popular among casino gamers. All games, whether crash games or slots have a baseline of 8/10 from the players who frequent casinos featuring these titles.

Five Most Popular Slots

If you are interested in OnlyPlay games, you should consider playing some of the top ones on offer. To make your search easier, we have compiled the top five popular slot games from OnlyPlay. Here they are:

Hot and Spicy: Megaways

The game’s main draw is the Chilly Mini Slot and Multiplier bonus. The side game involves a grid located above the main matrix, which consists of one row and three reels. Each time you spin, the Chilly Reels will spin and reveal the multiplier that will apply. All winning combination rolls onto the main grid are multiplied by this amount.

Lucky Punch Megaways

The theoretical return to player percentage for Lucky Punch is 95.08%. It has an average RTP and is ranked #6,470 out of 12,696 games in terms of expected player value. Slot machines with an average RTP have a payout percentage (RTP) between 95% and 96.49%. Slots with a minimal level of volatility, like Lucky Punch, are a good choice if you’re on a tight budget but want a lengthy gaming session and regular payouts. For cautious beginners, this is a great option.

Liga Fortuna Megaways

Even though Lionel Messi just won the FIFA World Cup with Argentina and went on to sign with Inter-Miami in the States, the top-tier emblem in Liga Fortuna Megaways depicts him wearing a Barcelona jersey, which obviously no longer corresponds to reality. Previously, he played alongside Mbappe for PSG (who follows Messi in the salary scale). Wilds can assist you on the variable Megaways grid, and you can see them perform some cool tricks with the ball when they’re part of a winning combination.

Joker Coins Megaways

Every time you stack free spins during the bonus round, you get a chance to win from a plethora of bonuses: mini, maxi—and the list goes on. Players can cash out their winnings or choose either the red heart or blue spade button. The payout doubles if the guess is correct; otherwise, players will lose the prize. The largest amount they can win is 9,113 times their initial wager. When using auto-spins, the gamble option will not be available.

Jack Potter Megaways

There are six reels, and up to six symbols can land on each reel on each spin for a maximum of 46,656 ways to win in this game. The largest possible payout is limited to 21,870 times the initial wager, and the best odds for the championship are 95.50%.

The Jack Potter Megaways online slot does a respectable job of providing a fun and rewarding gaming experience with its unique mini-slot game and respectable maximum bet.

Other games

Outside of slots, which is OnlyPlay’s most extensive offering, it provides blackjack, roulette, and baccarat games for discerning gamblers. Variants like Blackjack Switch, Double Exposure Blackjack, European Blackjack, French Roulette, European Roulette, Multi Wheel Roulette, Peek baccarat, No Commission Baccarat, and Chemin de Fer are only some of the variations of table games on offer.

Mobile Versions & App

Onlyplay’s gaming wares are user-friendly, straightforward, and optimized for mobile devices. The mobile version has been accessible from the get-go. Both portrait and landscape orientations are supported.


The games are written in HTML5. The visuals are satisfactory, and the music fits each story’s theme well. Modern players, however, have long since grown tired of the basics and no longer find this satisfying. It’s also worth noting that the company makes use of engaging animation and polished visuals. The studio should really think about expanding its library of available themes.


Recently, OnlyPlay was nominated for the Rising Stars Award at iGaming Idol, one of the industry’s highest honors.